Terms and Conditions  

Notice to Clients and Former Clients:

Your privacy is very important to Ohashi & Horn LLP.  We will protect your non-public personal information in accordance with the terms of this notice.  We reserve the right to amend this notice from time to time.  This notice has not been amended since January 1, 2007.

Pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, each law firm that provides advice with respect to personal financial matters is required to inform its clients of the law firm's policies related to the disclosure of non-public personal information.  Typically, Ohashi & Horn LLP collects non-public personal information from its clients directly.  However, with a client's authorization, we may also collect this information from third parties such as accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents, banking institutions, and other advisors.  We do not disclose any non-public personal information of our clients or former clients to third parties except as required by law or as authorized by the client or former client.  We protect the non-public personal information of our clients and former clients by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with our obligations under applicable professional standards and rules of ethics.

Although the laws and regulations referenced above establish rules regarding the collection, use, confidentiality and protection of non-public information, they do not limit the attorney-client privilege or the attorney's duty to protect the confidentiality of a client's information.  Accordingly, in circumstances where applicable laws might allow disclosure of the non-public personal information of a client or former client, we will continue to follow the stricter non-disclosure rules imposed upon us by the attorney-client privilege and applicable professional standards and rules of ethics.