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Labor and Employment:

Ohashi & Horn LLP maintains an extensive labor and employment practice representing both employers and employees.  We recognize that labor and employment engagements aren’t just about the law—they require the ability to create solutions that facilitate efficient relationships.  When those relationships break down, we provide unmatched representation before government bodies, mediators, arbitrators, judges and juries.

A sample of the labor and employment matters we have handled is set forth below:

Workforce Realignments: 

  • When a U.S. subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., a publicly-traded corporate group with over 365,000 employees, faced removing its CEO and CFO, it called Ohashi & Horn LLP.  Our attorneys planned and conducted the separation meeting and negotiated and structured severance agreements with the departing employees. The business objectives of the client were achieved and the dignity of the separated employees was maintained.
  • After determining to cease manufacturing activities at its El Paso plant, Nichirin, a publicly-traded Japanese auto parts manufacturer, engaged Ohashi & Horn LLP.  The firm’s attorneys structured and carried out the plant closing, including the separation of nearly 50 employees.  When two employees sued in an effort to negotiate a larger severance, Ohashi & Horn LLP fought them in an El Paso court famous for being unfriendly to foreign defendants.  After over a year of extremely hard-fought litigation, the cases were settled on terms extremely favorable to Nichirin.
  • Cypress Industries, recently named one of Austin’s fast growing companies, calls on Ohashi & Horn LLP for labor and employment advice.  In one instance, Cypress discovered that an employee was attempting to misappropriate its confidential information and trade secrets.  We assisted in structuring and conducting an investigation and devising a strategy for terminating the employee without affecting important customers.  Jeff Horn confronted and terminated the employee and demanded that he cease and desist his unlawful conduct.  After several pointed exchanges, the former employee backed down and the problem was resolved.
  • When Hitachi Zosen, a publicly-traded Japanese corporation, determined to close the office of a U.S. subsidiary in Houston and consolidate its operations with those of another subsidiary, it turned to Ohashi & Horn LLP.  The firm devised and carried out a comprehensive plan to close the office and negotiated severances with the affected employees.
  • Sumisho Computer Systems (USA), Inc. a U.S. subsidiary of publicly-traded conglomerate Sumitomo, turns to Ohashi & Horn LLP for all of its labor and employment needs.  The firm has assisted Sumisho with routine transactional matters such as drafting employee handbooks, policy manuals, and employment agreements, as well as high-risk terminations and severance negotiations and matters pending before government agencies such as the EEOC and TWC.

General Matters:

• Employment, non-compete and confidentiality agreement.
• Workforce reductions.
• Employment issues associated with mergers, acquisitions and other corporate agreements.

Employee Benefits:

• Benefit and compensation programs.
• Stock option plans and agreements.

Employment Litigation:

• Employment discrimination litigation.
• Wrongful termination, defamation, tort, whistle-blower and retaliation claims.
• Trade secrets, confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements and disputes.